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Double Mechanical Seals

Double Mechanical Seals

Shaft Dia. : 40mm to 240mm
Pressure : Full Vacuum to 15 bar
Temperature : 30 C to +260 C
Speed : 250 r.p.m. / 10-250 R.P.M

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Piece
Brand : Stark Seals
Max Flow Rate: Up to 450 m per/hr
Condition: New
Application:Pharma, Chemical, Reactor

Double macchanical seals provide a level of safety/zero emissions compliance not possible with single macchanical seals. This is essential when pumping or mixing a dangerous or toxic substance.
Double seals are a must-have for certain applications in many countries
These seals are increasingly used by companies to meet specific environmental goals or emissions requirements. A properly installed double seal also allows for near complete control over the seal operating environment and fluid film over the seal faces. This factor alone can greatly maximize seal life.

Being the recognized name in the industry, we bring forth the appealing array of INDUSTRIAL PUMP Mechanical Seals that is delivered with unique patterns and ensures exclusive looks. This Rotary Joint is extensively used with rotary joints and rotating unions include various heat transfer media and fluid power media such as steam, water, thermal oil, etc.

A double mechanical seal has two primary seals with a barrier or buffer fluid area in between. Each primary seal typically consists of a softer, narrower stationary face accompanied by a harder, wider rotating face. This arrangement enables the softer seal to wear while maintaining the integrity of the harder faced seal during service.

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